Aerobic Monster.co.uk taking on more Athletes

Its that time of Year where we now all start looking to Next Year and put behind everything that has happened with this Virus.

Hopeully we can now all start to plan and train our bodies out of it in order to stay fit and healthy and for some of you hopefully that involves setting a goal of a Triathlon next year. We are here to help you do that, AerobicMonster.co.uk are looking for new Athletes to Coach and currently have 12 spaces remaining for Coaching into next Year. We are experts in providing prescriptive Triathlon Training that is proven (look at our Testimonials page (AEROBIC MONSTER COACHED ATHLETES). We have Coached Novices, to GB Age Group Athletes to IRONMAN World Championship Qualifiers over the last 18 years. Our main ethos in what we do is to get you to that start line in your best shape, injury free, healthy and looking forward to enjoying your participation in this fantastic lifestyle Sport. Currently, key to tieing all this together is making sure your immune system stays healthy. Coaching Director, Phil Jarvis has had many Years sponsored by key Immune Support food Companies, in particular Neovite Colostrum, a cows milk that massively helps support the immune system and recovery.

If you like the sound of any of this then please do get in touch for an informal chat! Yours in Sport,

Phil Jarvis Coaching Director

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