• Coach Phil Jarvis

"You are a Lakesman"

The Lakesman Iron Distance Triathlon is known to insiders in the Triathlon world as one of the toughest IRONMAN distance races out there. Last weekend Aerobic Monsters Gary Newell toed the start line in order to tackle the classic 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle and full marathon run. Gary had been training with me since October 2017 and has been phenomenally dedicated to his training in-between managing a busy Work schedule. With timely checks on his training performance and staying on top of niggling injuries that were starting to manifest at critical times, Gary arrived in the lake district in good shape. As you can see from the picture above, a delighted and remarkably fresh looking Gary arrived at the finish line 15 hours 21 mins and 23 seconds, simply a phenomenal effort. Here's some quotes in Gary's words about how he felt during stages of the Race.


"Out of the Swim in 1hour 35 minutes. Found out later that I had done just short of 4k!"

BIKE "Very tough bike. Head winds for most of the route. Took me about 7:15"

RUN "Ouch! - This bit really hurt. Tummy trouble all the way round and needed to walk lots near the end 6:16"

FINISH Finishing with my kids. They all sang happy birthday as I ran up the red carpet. What a feeling of achievement. I couldn't have wished for a better 60th birthday. I loved every minute of the day!

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