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Another 15 minute 70.3 Personal Best

Another IRONMAN 70.3 Race passes on in the Triathlon World, this time IM 70.3 Chattanooga, venue for last Years Half IM World Championships. This time it was AerobicMonster.co.uk Chilean Athlete Patricio Vasquez, who detailing this as his 'B' race was looking to have a good but not 'Eye balls out' effort. As you can read from his race report, that was about to change ... "

Hi Phil, I hope this email finds you well. Yesterday race here in Chattanooga was great. You know that I defined Chattanooga as a B race, thinking in what's coming next in Ironman UK, so the plan was going to go easier than usual. But well you know triathletes, and sometimes going easy is mentally harder than pushing hard. Hahaha. Well, a big portion of the swim is downstream, so in general it is a fast swim, I don't think I did particularly well in the water but when I finished the swim portion and saw a 30 mins time and I said to myself: well this is my chance!!! In the bike portion I had great race dynamics. The course was very technical full of rolling hills, so that helped me focus and concentrated with my effort, power, cadence and so on. I finished in 2:40 with 209 watts NP. I did very fast transitions, but they were long... So still I had about 8 minutes adding the 2 transitions. So I was out of T2 in about 3:18 hours total time, so I realized with a good run I could beat the 5 hours mark. So for a few kms I pushed hard, but the run course was tough, it was hot, and I had not much left in the tank. I also took some anti inflammatory pills because of some knee pain, that I think made me feel not very well at that moment of the race. So I kept pushing as hard as I could but knowing that the 5-hour mark was not going to be beaten that day. So I finished the run in 1:46, with a total time in 5:05. Breaking my PB by 15 minutes!!! It was a great day for me yesterday... So thanks again for all your help. I need to rest now!


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