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Alex knocks 15 mins off last Years Almiraman 70.3 - Big progress!

First big race of the season for Aerobic Monsters Cretian Athlete Alex Oikonomou see's him smash another 30 minutes off last years Almiraman 70.3 race time - fantastic progress! Here's Alex's take on his Race - #HappyCoach

As you can see on training peaks I completed my 3rd 70.3 triathlon in 5h16min (5h47min exactly before 12 months the same race and 5h35min the previous October).

It is a clear improvement in my performance and I think that the reasons for that are my hard work guided by you and the new bike.

I started a tough swim because the water was rough and black-none visibility. I did 2.2k in 40min, a 1:51 pace, not my goal but acceptable for me in these conditions.

I got the bike and I built progressively my pace. I kept almost in the whole route an aero posture and I felt no pain, except my ass in the last kilometres. I did a careful job with nutrition and hydration on the bike. The weather was quite good for the race, mostly cloudy, there was wind but not so annoying. I did 90k in 2h45 min, that was fantastic, so was the bike.

Last, I entered the run with rather sore quads for the first 2,5k but after that I was ready to keep a pace near 5min/K. I didn't want to push harder because last year this run was a disaster, so many cramps. The work I did with fuelling in the bike payed me back on the run. I continued the fuelling on the run and I spent 4x30" stops in fuel stations to get the staff and 30" to go to the toilet after so many liquids. Including these 2,5 min without run, I did 1h46min.

I am very satisfied Phil, I feel that my work is rewarded. Many thanks to you also for the planning and the surveillance.


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