• Caoch Phil Jarvis

Open air Floodlit Coaching!

Floodlit, open air Coaching with a great bunch of my David Lloyd Triathletes, hard swim set last night but they all nailed it.

It's been a great first two months here at David Lloyd in Colchester, taking a nervous group of beginner Triathletes is not only daunting for the Athletes but for the Coach as well! - I'm happy to say that the learning curve in the Pool for all of them has gone through the roof, Swim technique and fitness has greatly improved to the degree where last night all of them completed the following main Swim set; 6 * 150 (GET FASTER AFTER EVERY 2 BY 5s) / 20s RI)1 MIN BONUS REST 6 * 100 (GET FASTER AFTER EVERY 2 BY 5s) / 15s RI)1 MIN BONUS REST 6 * 50 (GET FASTER AFTER EVERY 2 BY 5s) / 10s RI)1 MIN BONUS REST. We are all working towards their first in-house Sprint Triathlon in early September, to be followed by a couple of local Sprint Triathlons to round the Triathlon year out. The rate that this group are progressing, watch out for next Year!

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