• Phil Jarvis : IRONMAN Certified Coach

Roka Buoyancy Pants

If like me you are well muscled in the leg department due to spending many years on the bike creating quality muscle in order to create more bike power then you may have 'heavy leg' syndrome that definately provides a problem when trying to swim hydrodynamically and fast. The effect that heavy legs have cannot be understated enough to Triathlete's trying to get more efficient in the water in order to be fresher for a great Bike leg.

This is where Bouyancy Pants come in, and these Roka Sim Shorts are exceptional at getting those hips up and helping with your Body alignment and awareness in the water. I recommend these to all my coached Athlete's now who are having similar problems to me. I can also say that the shorts helped me overcome a shoulder injury that occured due to my own mis-alignment whislt swimmig.

Don't listen to the 'purist' Swimmers out thier either, they will put these shorts down as 'cheating'. At the end of the day, it's not them thats got to get out of the Swim and out on a Bike. As Triathlete's we are looking to make that Swim leg as effecient and energy conserving as possible, so don those pants with pride the next time you are at the Pool!

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