Athletes : Lukas & Cornell Groenewald


Cornell le Roux Groenewald

One of my ambitions was to participate in a triathlon event. With no experience and not knowing where to start, Phil crossed my path at David Lloyd.  With Phil's phenomenal experience, motivation and care, he trained me to be ready for my first triathlon. I enjoyed each session so much, that I did not want to miss a single session. This I also achieved.

I am looking forward to the winter program and many more triathlon seasons. Triathlon is now a lifestyle for me and an investment in my wellbeing.

What an honour to be trained by the best.

Triathlon for life.



Lukas Groenewald
The past three months of training was very enjoyable. Phil took me from the starting point of no Triathlon experience and trained me to complete in my first triathlon. I enjoyed every session and looked forward to each session.


Phil is a great coach & person, that cares about his athletes' progress.

Phil's motivation, passion, care & drive helped me to get the best out of myself. It is a great feeling to see the personal progress that Phil got out of me, over the past three months.


I met some great people and enjoyed training with the rest of the triathlon club.

I am looking forward to many more seasons and to take part in Ironman one day, with Phil's help.