Athlete : Dave Schindler


I have been working with Phil for the past 6 months after meeting him through a local tri club and events. Even before working with him his enthusiasm and drive really inspired me.

With my own background being rugby with latterly in cycling and time trials. I turn to triathlon after a few sprint distance events, signed up to half ironman distance. Soon found i was lost and unsure of how to train effectively with a young family and work. So i turned to Phil not knowing what to expect but took a plunge.

Six months later with a clear training plan, support and guidance from Phil and 6 weeks out from my A event feel in a far better place and come from wanting to be a finisher to actually having a target and a race plan for me.

Phils first words stay with me - you just train and leave the worrying to me. He truly has stuck to that word. His advice and support has been amazing both in the training highs and low as well as at the point when you think what am i doing!!

His plans are clear, easy to follow and achievable. I have as much faith in Phil as he does in me to achieve my goals. His plans are tailored to me, my life and my goals not a generic plan.

I was the worried bigger ex rugby front row with the view am i good enough for a coach, can i justify having a coach.

Really since signing up with Phil have never looked back