Athlete : Calum McIntyre - Scotland


I am very much new to the triathlon scene. I have been a keen runner for several years and eventually decided to dip my toes into a extreme middle distance triathlon last September. I had not realised at the time how poor I was at swimming, and on the bike. It was after this event I decided to search for a coach on the 'Ironman coach matching' system. This is where I met Phil!

Phil was very enthusiastic and helpful with advice and was able to work around my budget (Still a student). He was able to work around what training/leisure activities I already do, to make a  programme that suited me. Through regular testing I have seen improvement both in the pool and the bike, while maintaining my running.  Within a month I had taken 44 seconds of my 400m swim speed test! Specific goals in my training has seen my 10k time reduce by 1 min 28 seconds even with more time being spent on other disciplines.   


I have a busy season coming up, including 4 middle distance triathlons and a full extreme Ironman. I can definitely see plenty of Pb's this season.  


I will assure you I am in good hands with Phil!


Highly Recommended.