Athlete : Damon Parker - UK

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Phil has coached me for the past 3 months and I have already started seeing improvements. Whilst relatively new to triathlon, I have a fair amount of experience with taking part in long-distance cycling and continental sportive, as well as a good grounding in time trails. The trouble was, that’s all I was doing “taking part”, with no real structured training, no incremental steps and to a degree a limited idea of how to improve further than the plateau I had already reached (on a bike). As for running and swimming, well the less said the better, suffice to say, I found both a chore and something to be endured rather than something that is part of a wider plan.
However, after being bitten by the bug of triathlon after taking part in a sprint triathlon, I decided in a moment of madness to sign up for a full Ironman. The trouble was that I had no real aspirations for doing it apart from surviving the cut off times and trailing in to be called an “Ironman”.

Now with Phil’s structured training and advice, I am seeing consistent improvements. The running is enjoyable (but testing), with varied sessions to stave off the boredom, swimming has seen real improvements in consistency and times and getting on the bike has become a joy once again, all the while with a focus on avoiding injury first, improvements following.

If the improvements continue as they have been, I hope to compete in the front half rather than the back quarter in regular events. As for Ironman, well for my first one I am no longer concerned about the cut off and all being well hope to get a decent time for my first attempt, but more importantly to enjoy it rather than suffer it! (no doubt there will be some suffering) and avoid injury.

Damon Parker