Athlete : Steve Gower - UK


I decided to set myself the target of my first Ironman Triathlon and with this in mind I approached Phil Jarvis to be my Coach. He was most supportive in my aims, creating a tailored and structured training programme to get me to my goal, building base fitness on which to hone in readiness for the Triathlon, whilst most importantly avoiding injury.


He set various targets and suggested suitable Events in which to test myself on the Journey. Phil's enthusiasm and experience was a major motivator, with practical knowledge reassurance and a sense of humour so useful throughout. Phil assessed each of the disciplines in turn. He assessed my running form and provided practical drills that helped develop the necessary muscles in order to better support my running style. The Cycling aspect of the Training progressed from initial power tests, detailed workouts through to Brick Sessions, whilst the Swim Coaching focused on basic stroke breathing and efficiency in the water.


When I'd managed to develop a decent base in each discipline, Phil then tailored Training such that I had brick Sessions, again tailored specifically to me and adapted as required. Phil's excellent support and his ability to provide a practical, flexible and targeted coaching throughout my Training was invaluable, enabling me to train effectively, avoid injury then complete and thoroughly enjoy my first Triathlon less than a year after my Heart Operation. Finally, after all this, I am proud to be able to call myself an Ironman and very grateful for all the excellent support, guidance and advice that Phil has given me throughout.