Using years of knowledge built from actually performing in the sport to the highest levels, Phil will precisely tailor your training needs for your desired Triathlon goal and deliver it through your very own Training Peaks training account. 


We believe in training smarter not harder. Triathlon is a unique sport consisting of four disciplines (the fourth being transitions of course) and many different race formats. Here at Aerobic Monster we believe in tackling training for it from many different angles and cater for the novice through to Elite Athletes seeking further improvements.

We offer unique Triathlon training packages where we can provide you with expert coaching in each individual discipline or as complete package across all Triathlon disciplines.

TAZ 0NE (£80.00 a Month)


» MONTHLY training schedule.

» TRAINING PEAKS Athlete Account.
» Communication through Training Peaks.
» Well-suited for Age group athletes that are time pressured and just want to pick up thier Sessions and go!

TAZ TWO (£100.00 a Month)​​


» FORTNIGHTLY Training schedule

» TRAINING PEAKS Athlete Account.

» Communication with Phil via email/T Peaks.

» Optimized for frequent competitors.

» 2 * weekly analysis of  Power/or heart rate files.

» Optimal for even the busiest work, family, travel 

TAZ THREE (£150.00 a Month)


 » WEEKLY Training  schedule

» TRAINING PEAKS Athlete Account.​
 » Nutritional / Hydration Analysis

 » Unlimited communication with Phil
 » Up to 3 coach-initiated consultations each week
 » Daily analysis of schedule /Power/ heart rate files

 » Video technique analysis

 » Optimal for high aspiration Athlete's



** Please note that a Coaching package set-up fee of £80.00 is payable on initial sign-up **