"You are a Lakesman"

The Lakesman Iron Distance Triathlon is known to insiders in the Triathlon world as one of the toughest IRONMAN distance races out there. Last weekend Aerobic Monsters Gary Newell toed the start line in order to tackle the classic 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle and full marathon run. Gary had been training with me since October 2017 and has been phenomenally dedicated to his training in-between managing a busy Work schedule. With timely checks on his training performance and staying on top of niggling injuries that were starting to manifest at critical times, Gary arrived in the lake district in good shape. As you can see from the picture above, a delighted and remarkably fresh looking

Working with Run injuries

Depending on what the injury is will determine the extent and type of training that can be carried out. Is it either bone, tendon or muscle injury? Training with an injury should still be carried out but it will be dependent on protecting you from further injury or re-injury. The aim being to maintain fitness, while promoting healing. The methods of exercise, depending on the injury can be either: Walking / slow shuffle Shallow water running Deep water running Elliptical Trainers Walking and slow shuffle replaces the longer non stop runs. If the injury is not too severe then this can take the form of long hikes and to add resistance, the use of a weight jacket. This type of walking coul

Varese Bound Ladies

It's with great delight that I would like to announce that three of my local Colchester Rovers Cycling Club ladies, Helen Thomas, Laura Mansell-Thomas and Sara Thomas have all qualified for the ladies World Granfondo Championships 2018 in Varese, Italy this coming September. A tough race in the qualifiers around Cambridge on Sunday saw the group helping out one another as a team to earn their coverted Qualification places. I have been working with all three since the start of this year and have been amazed by the work ethic shown by three very busy ladies - you are a credit to yourselves and Families. Planning will soon be in action on their attempt to take it one step further in Septe


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