Athlete : Adam Proud - UK



Well I looked hard for a coach on line and by clubs, that could take me forward in my life of Ironman.

I worked with a few that were just not personal and after money not the opportunity to work with athletes ...


I found Phil and asked him the question can you help me shave time off all areas of my Ironman time as i want to go to Kona over the next few years. I'm no Pro nor am i an English teacher so bare with what i write. Phil is a educated coach that helps you believe in yourself,  the programme that he writes personally to you and adjusts per daily life problems and goals that can be meet. He steers you away from injury and over training and builds trust with your own results. if you need a partner then he will step up as he is in for the love of the sport and not the money. if you just need data and supporting chats then equally he will do this. All in all i can't thank Phil Jarvis enough for his time his programme and being a coach that takes your to whatever level your goal is but always keeping me you injury free.


Captain Adam Proud (Parachute Regiment)